Beautiful Cheese Board

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Truffle honey Black Truffle Honey: Calugi 120g

Truffle butter Butter with White Truffle: Calugi 90g

Get yourself a proper Cheeseboard with Knife Cheese Board and Knife set

Select at least 3 types of strong cheeses, and ideally 5

Few biscuits or a warm crispy baguette


Always serve cheese at room temperature. Remove your selection of cheeses from the fridge one hour before serving and then cut your cheeses just before serving (about 100-120g per person).

The truffle honey and truffle butter should also be served at room temperature, so make sure they are both prepared well in advance.

Arrange the cheeses from lighter flavour towards stronger, moving clock wise to give your guests the ultimate experience when tasting.

Spoon a generous portion of truffle honey on your cheese board and the rest of it you can leave on the side for those who would like to add some more.
No better dessert for me in the world…

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