Escargots de Bourgogne – 24 Premium Burgundy Snails with Shells, 125g

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Our Escargots de Bourgogne are a true French delicacy. In France escargots are judged, as are so many other foods, by terroir or the place from which they come. For the French, the best escargots definitely come from Burgundy. Traditionally cooked with a rich garlic butter and parsley sauce, these large Burgundian snails make a stunning French starter. Adding that little touch of luxury to every occasion.

If you love French cuisine and want to create this French classic at home, simply mix together some finely chopped fresh parsley, garlic and shallots with some of our Noirmoutier Sea Salt Butter. Place the snails in an appropriate oven dish and top with this delicious herby buttery mix. Then pop these little beauties into a hot oven for around 12-15 minutes until they start to sizzle.

Serve them immediately with some warm crusty bread. And wash it all down with a large glass of our wonderful Chablis from Domaine d’Elise in Burgundy. Pure perfection and a classic combination! Also brilliant as a topping for pizza.

Our Escargots de Bourgogne are also amazingly nutritious, high in protein, abundant in amino acids and low in fat. They really are a superfood!

Tin contains 24 Premium Burgundy Snails. With Shells.

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Additional information

Weight 125 g

Ingredients: Snail Meat – Helix Pomatia (mollusc), Water, Salt, Natural Flavours, Dextrose, Aromatic Plants, Spices

Storage: It is important to keep Escargots de Bourgogne in a dry cool place. Do not open before use.

Serving Suggestion:Serve with Garlic and Parsley Butter. Recommended quantities for a tin this size: Butter 50g, Parsley 50g, Garlic 2g, Shallots 2g, Salt 2g and a pinch of Pepper. Drain and place each snail in one shell or an appropriate oven dish. Cover with garlic butter and put the snails into a preheated oven at 220 C for 12-15 minutes. Serve immediately when butter is sizzling hot.