Japanese Plum Paste ‘HACHI SHOKUHIN’, 40g

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This rich, tart, sour paste, made from umeboshi plums pickled with salt, is an easy way to add one of Japan’s most loved flavours to any Japanese dish, be it sushi, tofu, noodles or rice. A must-have staple for the Japanese cuisine home cook. After opening, replace cap tightly and store in fridge.

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On MasterChefUK’s plant based cooking challenge, Alexis Gauthier’s commented:

“Your arancinis with the pesto, the adding the Japanese plum pure it’s as good as if you had added some parmesan to it,

  • That’s a miracle
  • It’s wonderful
  • This is something I have just discovered today
  • It really replaced the parmesan

I thought it was going to be sharp, it’s not sharp it’s perfect, it’s a revolution!”

                – Alexis Gauthier – Vegan chef


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