Sesame Seared Tuna and Caviar

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Osetra Mallosol CaviarCaviar: Osetra Malossol 30g

Ponzu Japanese sauce

Fresh tuna loin from your local fishmonger

1 cup of mixed sesame seeds

1 cup of olive oil

1 ripe avocado


Puree the avocado in the food processor until smooth and add a touch of yuzu vinaigrette to stop the avocado from oxidizing.

Cut the tuna in brick shapes using a sharp knife and gently press into the mixed sesame seeds to coat all around.

Sear the tuna in piping hot pan for about 30 second on each side or until the sesame is golden brown. This will give you a blue seared tuna. If you do not like sushi or your tuna cooked blue, I do not recommend this recipe. Overcooking the tuna will make it dry and disappointing.

Let the tuna rest for a minute. In the meantime, brush the avocado puree on your plate.

Slice and place your tuna on the plate and garnish with Osetra Mallosol caviar and yuzu vinaigrette on the side.

Any lady or gentleman will fall into your arms. 🙂

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