Whole Serrano Ham on the bone 6.5-8 kg

£ 150.00

An authentic traditional Serrano ham with the trotter, but with the upper bone removed in order to facilitate slicing on the ham stand. Cured for a minimum of 18 months.

Ham comes with its own wooden ham stand and ham slicing knife.

To hand slice a ham on the bone:

  1. Secure the ham in the ham stand with the hoof facing upwards.
  2. Using the ham slicing knife, remove the skin and any excess fat from the wide part of the ham (only from the area to be used immediately) and start slicing. Slice along the grain of the ham.
  3. Slices should ideally be 5cm (2 inches) wide and as thin as possible.
  4. Once slicing is finished, cover the cut face with cling film to prevent drying out. Store in a cool dry area.
  5. When the bone is reached, turn the ham and proceed as above.
  6. When reaching the end of the ham or close to the bone it is advisable to cut the remaining meat into chunks to minimise wastage.

This product is available for trade. Call tel: +44 7899 893708

Note: Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns. Please do consider before ordering.

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