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Caviar Canapés

Caviar canapes

Ingredients (serves 4)

30g Caviar of your choiceView Options
Blinnies (You can buy the ready-made ones, they are perfectly fine)
Sour Cream
Wild Garlic Flowers (optional)
Bollinger Special Cuvée, Brut, Champagne, France NV

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  1. When making Caviar Canapés, first warm the blinnies in a dry frying pan on low heat (no oil or butter).
  2. Place the blinnies on a plate or serving board, add sour cream on top of the blinnes and a generous portion of caviar.
  3. Garnish your Caviar Canapés with wild garlic flowers. These flowers are edible and are great for decoration, much better than chives, in my opinion.

The best way to start a party!